The experience of an American soldier in Vietnam was different than in all other wars. The U.S. was fighting against an enemy skilled in guerrilla warfare. The opposing soldiers were fighting for their freedom, fighting a war of independence. The North Vietnamese Army was the official and organized opponent, while the Vietcong were the communist guerillas that lived in and around the jungle and causes havoc with US troops. The combination of the NVA and VC posed a very formidable enemy – to an extent that the U.S. did not expect.

In this game you will be either a U.S. soldier or an NVA/VC soldier. You will navigate around a battle zone grid. One combatant has marked objectives to occupy. The other combatant has marked obstacles to block the occupation. Carefully study your objectives and all procedures.

U.S. soldiers - to reach, capture, and secure six designated hills and capture/kill the enemy - US INSTRUCTIONS
NVA/VC soldiers - to intimidate, harass, and demoralize the U.S. soldiers by throwing up obstacles - NVA/VC INSTRUCTIONS

How to Play
¯ You have been divided into two groups - U.S. soldiers and NVA/VC soldiers. Your group will be identified in a few minutes. You have confidential instructions for the game and your goal. Study these carefully, and prepare your game grid tonight based on your instructions. Tomorrow, you will be paired off against someone from the opposition. You will then follow the game procedure exactly and adhere to the outcomes of each move.
¯ Your confidential instructions direct you how to complete your Battle Zone Grid. Carefully count the squares and decide how best to fill in the Battle Zone Grid. Keep your marks on the Battle Zone Grid secret from your opponent.
¯ Each Battle Zone Grid contains 144 squares and is divided into four sectors.
¯ Use grid coordinates to locate each square on the Battle Zone Grid (for example – Alpha-1 is the top left comer and Lima-1 is the top right comer)
¯ Once you have been paired off and your boards have been checked, the game will begin with the U.S. platoon moving towards its objectives.
¯ The U.S. infantry unit will make 30-50 separate moves. The consequences of each move depend on the decisions made by the NVA/VC. Both sides track the platoon's march using a highlighter pen in Word or Google docs.
¯ When the game is over, you will go back over the platoon's route and add up the points for both sides.