We have studied it, seen it, read about it, heard about it ... so what does it all mean? What is the legacy of Vietnam? For this closing activity, your task is to create a Wordle with an artist's statement reflecting your idea of the legacy of the Vietnam War. Use to weight your terms, and then select a layout, color pallette and font to reflect your opinion. In yhour artist's statement, describe your work and explain the choices you made.

Wordle: Vietnam

Artist's Statement
I chose these words as part of both the history and legacy of the Vietnam War through the American perspective. To me, The Wall is a central part of the legacy of the war, so I made that very large in comparison with other terms, people, and phrases. The color green is used for the background because of it's relationship to the military and also due to the lush green jungles of Vietnam that were destroyed in the war. I feel the block lettering is very forceful in expressing the troublesome legacy of the war.