You all know that the United States was involved in a major military conflict during the Cold War ... but why? What was America's "path to war"? Using the resources below and Creating America, your task this evening is to write a description in YOUR OWN WORDS of the causes of American involvement in Southeast Asia. Pretend you are writing it as a summary for on online encyclopedia or textbook. Your description should ...

  • be between two and four paragraphs
  • contain the following terms - France, Ho Chi Minh, communism, Ngo Dinh Diem, military advisors, Gulf of Tonkin
  • be IN YOUR OWN WORDS (remember, it's easy to check this online)
  • contain one map and two images THAT RELATE TO YOUR WRITING
  • Should end with the first Marines landing in Vietnam in 1965

Need some help? How about ...
Creating America
Into Vietnam (Overview) from ABC-CLIO
Timeline of the Vietnam War
Vietnam Online Timeline
Causes of the Vietnam War video below