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What was life like for the grunts in country, humping the boonies? Using the various resources in and out of class, your task is to give a voice to a Vietnam soldier. Your soldier will be in the form of a **voicethread** that will be embedded in your Unit 8 notebook. You may work with up to two other people on the assignment, as long as you all work together! The expectations are …

  • You have a voicethread with images of soldiers from Vietnam. You should have no more than three images or three slides on your voicethread.
  • Your annotations should all be completed in first person and should contain detail and historical fact.
  • Your annotations must cover the following topics:
    • Three annotations about the challenges you faced in guerilla warfare
    • Two annotations describing the enemy (the Viet Cong and/or NVA)
    • One annotation describing the tunnels
    • One annotation describing the use of chemicals by the military
    • One annotation describing search and destroy missions
    • One annotation describing the Tet Offensive
    • One annotation describing escalation
    • One annotation describing the draft
    • One annotation describing your feelings as a soldier
  • Two to three of your annotations should be spoken

Use our class activities and video, Creating America (pp 840-845) and some of the links below for information.
Want to spice up your annotations with some grunt language? Check out

Images of soldiers from the Vietnam conflict


When you create your voicethread and and your annotations and comments, click on "PUBLISHING OPTIONS" on the bottom of the screen and make sure you"ALLOW ANYONE TO VIEW" the voicethread. If you want a partner to comment on it, allow "ANONE TO COMMENT". Embed your voicethread on a new page in your Unt 8 notebook by clicking on "EMBED" on the bottom of the voicethread, copying the code, clicking "Embed Widget" in wikispaces (the little TV set, and paste the code in the "Other HTML" section. Easy stuff.