One of the differences between american involvement in Vietnam and other military conflicts in history is the extent and impact of the opposition to the war on the home front. The protest movement is a hallmark of the Vietnam era, and the antiwar movement is more closely associated with Vietnam than any other American war. Why? What were the different reasons for these protests? That's your task today.

You and your partners are members of a new protest group that is opposing American involevement in Vietnam for a number of reasons. Using the material you read last night, Creating America, and the links below, your task is to create a series of protest posters. Your posters should meet the following requirements:

You should create at least 4 posters, each with a different reason for protesting
Each poster should have a slogan expressing your reason for
Each poster should have an image or illustration (photo or clip art)
Each picture should have a two-three sentence explanation of why you are opposing the war

The posters should be created in PowerPoint and saved on your Unit 8 notebooks either as individual pictures or as a voicethread. Check out the example below:
Many people were becoming more upset with the credibility gap - the gap between what they were hearing about the war from the government and what actually was going on. America was told that there was a "light at the end of the tunnel", and then the Tet Offensive shocked people. alos, body counts were reported as inflated. When the Pentagon Papers were released and reported that the war was expanded without public knowledge, the credibility gap widened.

If you want, you can turn them into a voice thread - but it's not necessary.

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The Anti-War Movement in the United States
**Vietnam Protest** Movement