Answer this essential question by developing a discussion between two sets of people describing the positives and negatives of life in the 50s. Use one color to identify the positive aspects and another color to identify negative aspects. You should have at least five (5) major aspects explained on each side of the discussion. Each aspect should be described with detail. Make sure you spice up your discussion with some snappy 50s lingo. You'll be in fat city and have it made in the shade if you try your best, dig?


What's buzzin', cousin? The 50s are fat city! Think about rock n' roll! Electric instruments, great rhythms, fun for dancing - teenagers love it. We've got Elvis, Chuck Berry, and Little Richard!

That's the word from the bird! And we have more entertainment because of the new fangled television. We can watch quiz shows, family shows, and keep up with rock and roll on American Bandstand. And we can buy television stuff in the stores. Like my cool Davy Crockett hat?

It sure is boss. But you want to know something that isn't? The poverty that is plaguing many in our nation. The economy may be booming, but farmers and farmworkers are suffering in rural areas, as are coal miners. And I sure wouldn't want to live in the inner cities - those ghettos are becomoing islands of poverty, mostly for minorities.