Actor - Show-off
Agitate the Gravel - To leave (hot-rodders)
Ankle-biter - A child
Ape - Used with go - to explode or be really mad
Are you writing a book? - You're asking too many questions
Baby - Cute girl, term of address for either sex
Back seat bingo - Necking in a car
Bad news - Depressing person
Bash - Great party
Big tickle - Really funny
Blast - A good time
Boss - Great
Bread - Money
Burn rubber - To accelerate hard and fast (hot-rodders)
Cast an eyeball - To look
Cat - A hip person (Beats)
Chariot - Car (Beats)
Circled - Married
Classy chassis - Great body
Cloud 9 - Really happy
Clyde - Term of address, usually for a normal person (Beats)
Cook, cookin' - Doing it well
Cool - Indefinable quality that makes something or someone extraordinary
Cool it - Relax, settle down
Cranked - Excited (Beats)
Crazy - "Like crazy, man" Implies an especially good thing
Cruisin' for a bruisin' - Looking for trouble
Cube - A normal person
Cut the gas - Be quiet!
Cut out - Leave
Daddy-O - Term of address (Beats)
D.D.T. (Drop Dead Twice) - Response: What, and look like you?
Deuce - A 1932 Ford (hot-rodders)
Dig - To understand; to approve
Don't have a cow - Don't get so excited
Drag - (hot-rodders) A short car race; (Beats) A bore
Earthbound - Reliable
Eyeball - Look around
Fake Out - A bad date
Fat City - A great thing or place; Happy
Flat out - Fast as you can
Flat-top - Men's hairstyle. A crewcut which is flat across the top
Flick - A movie
Flip - To get very excited
Flip-top - A convertible car
Floor it - Push the accelerator to the floor (hot-rodders)
Fracture - To amuse
Fream - Someone who doesn't fit in
Frosted - Angry
Get Bent! - Disparaging remark as in "drop dead"
Get with it - Understand
Gig - Work, job (Beats)
Go ape - Get very excited
Goof - Someone who makes mistakes
Goopy - Messy
Greaser - A guy with tons of grease in his hair, which later came to describe an entire group of people.
Grody - Sloppy, messy or dirty
Hang - As in "hang out" which means to do very little
Heat - Police (Beats)
Hep - With it, cool. Someone who knows the situation.
Hip, Hipster - Someone who is cool, in the know. Very good.
Horn - Telephone
Illuminations - Good ideas, thoughts
In orbit - In the know
Jacketed - Going steady
Jets - Smarts, brains
Kick - A fun or good thing; Also, a fad
Kill - To really impress
Knuckle sandwich - A fist in the face
Kookie - Nuts, in the nicest possible way
Later, also later, gator - Goodbye. See ya later, alligator. Response: after while crocodile.
Lay a patch - To accelerate so rapidly that you leave a patch of rubber on the road.
Lay on - To give (Beats)
Lighter - A crew cut
Like crazy; like wow - Really good, better than cool
Machine - A car (hot-rodders)
Made in the shade - Success guaranteed
Make the scene - To attend an event or activity
Meanwhile, back at the ranch - From TV Westerns. Usually used to get a storyteller back on track.
Most - A in "the most" - high praise usually of the opposite sex
Nerd - Same as now. Bill Gates without the money.
Nest - A hair-do
Nod - Drift off to sleep
Nosebleed - As in hey, nosebleed - hey, stupid. Not a compliment!
No sweat - No problem
Nowhere - Opposite of cool. Nowheresville was a boring, bad place to be. (Beats)
Nuggets - Loose change
Odd ball - Someone a bit off the norm
Off the line - Start of a drag race (hot-rodders)
On the stick - Pulled together. Bright, prepared...
Pad - Home
Paper shaker - Cheerleader or Pom Pom girl
Party pooper - No fun at all
Passion Pit - Drive-in movie theatre
Peepers - Glasses
Pile up Z's - Get some sleep
Pooper - No fun at all
Pop the Clutch - Release the clutch pedal quickly so as to get a fast start
Pound - Beat up
Radioactive - Very popular
Rag Top - A convertible car
Rap - To tattle on someone (Beats)
Rattle your cage - Get upset
Raunchy - Messy or gross in some other way
Razz my berries - Excite or impress me
Real gone - Very much in love. Also unstable. Hmm, there's a difference?
Reds - The Communists
Righto - Okay
Rock - A diamond
Royal shaft - Badly or unfairly treated
Scream - Go fast
Screamer - A hot rod
Shot down - Failed
Shuck, shuckster - A deceiver, liar or cheat
Sides - Vinyl records
Sing - To tattle or inform on someone (Beats)
Sounds - Music
Souped up - A car modified to go fast
Split - Leave
Square - A regular, normal person. A conformist.
Stack up - To wreck a car (hotrodder)
Submarine races - While waiting for the submarines to race, which might take quite awhile :>) couples found creative ways of killing the time.
Tank - A large sedan (usually driven by parents)
That's close - Something wrong or not true
Threads - Clothes
Total - To completely destroy, most often in reference to a car
Unreal - Exceptional
Wail - Go fast
Wazoo - Your rear end
Wet rag - Someone who's just no fun
Word from the bird - The truth (Beats)
What's buzzin, cuzzin - What's new?
What's you tale, nightingale - What's the story?
Wheelie - Left the car's front wheels off the ground by rapid acceleration