¯ You are an NVA/VC soldier seeking to keep a U.S. platoon from reaching their objectives.
¯ You will establish villages, tunnels, and headquarters.
¯ You will throw up obstacles to frustrate these invaders. (Climate and terrain are also obstacles.)

Secretly scatter the following across your Battle Zone Grid of 144 squares. Label each clearly.
¯ 10 Fate Card (Fate) squares
¯ One Headquarters (HQ) square
¯ Three VC Hamlets or Villages (Ham or Vill) squares
¯ Five Tunnels (T-I, T-2, T-3, T-4, T-5 in five consecutive squares). The five squares must touch and form a network. They do not have to be in a straight line.
¯ Five Land Mines (LM), Five Booby Traps (BT), Five Punji Stakes (PJ)
¯ Three Snipers (S) squares
¯ Six Ambush/firefight (AM) squares
¯ Eight Monsoon Rains (MR) squares. Cluster these eight squares together (not in a single line). They may overlap other obstacles.
¯ Two Friendly Fire (FF) squares

General Information
¯ Recheck the Battle Zone Grid categories and their numbers before you begin to battle.
¯ A U.S. platoon that enters a Fate square draws a Fate Card and gains or loses points.
¯ You earn points for every obstacle and every blank square that the enemy encounters, and for every village, tunnel, or headquarters that the enemy overlooks.

Beginning the Action
¯ The U.S. soldier will tell the exact coordinate of his/her Landing Zone (example: "Delta-10!" or "D-10!"). Write LZ in that square on your Battle Zone Grid.
¯ Your opponent will tell the exact coordinates of the six hills he/she plans to capture and occupy. Label these hills on your Battle Zone Grid.
¯ The U.S. platoon begins to move from the LZ towards the hill that is the first military objective. He/she calls out the coordinates of each square as the platoon moves toward the objective. Mark each move on your Battle Zone Grid. Announce the obstacle/problem in each square.
¯ Use the highlighter to mark the trail of the U.S. platoon across your Battle Zone Grid-
¯ Use the points reference sheet on the desks to determine points lost or gained as a result of each move

The Action Ends When...
¯ Your platoon secures all six objectives (reaching all six hills marked on your Battle Zone Grid).
¯ You lose all your men in the platoon to ambush, land mines, punji stakes, Fate Cards, etc.
¯ Taft calls a cease-fire.
¯ When the game is finished, go back over the platoon route and calculate points gained and lost by both sides. Use the points reference guide to determine points lost or gained as a result of each move and fill out a game scorecard.