What would the major and minor leaders of the Civil Rights Movement do if they were able to network with each other online? Let's find out! For the next few days, we will be constructing a Civil Rights Facebook (actually, two), in which each person or partnership plays the role of an individual from the Civil Rights Movement. We will create an identity for the individual, complete with background information, photos, and influences. We will interact with other members of the Facebook by identifying our friends, commenting on Facebook pages, responding to questions in a Facebook forum, responding to polls, and other fun actvities!

Day 1 Procedure
  • Select a name from the pile.
  • Go toCivil Rights Facebook 09-1 (Periods 1-2) or Civil Rights Facebook 09-2 (Periods 3-6),log in, and sign up to join.
  • Begin filling in your profile. Obviously, you will need to do a little research, so use ABC-CLIO and the other reliable online sources to complete the profile questions.
  • You should also search for a photograph for your member ID, as well as other photos for you picture collection. Your photos should have captions and descriptions in the first person, as if you were posting them of yourself. Work on using your historical voice!
  • Respond to the first forum posting concerning your goal for the movement.
  • Make a link to your facebook page(s) on your table of contents

Day 2 Procedure

  • Continue filling in your profile, making sure your description is complete.
  • Make sure your photos have captions and first person descriptions. Have some diversity in your photos, instead of five head shots.
  • Examine other group members' pages and goals, and determine whom you will add to your friends on your site.
  • Completely respond to the comment left for you on your page.
  • Develop and eventually leave a thoughful question on another group member's page - someone who is NOT your friend.
  • Look for appropriate video, audio, make a voicethread ... anything to explain your postions and feelings!

Day 3 Procedure

Double check that you have the following ...

  • A profile picture and correct profile
  • All profile questions answered completely and accurately
  • Photos and/or video posted with titles and descriptions in first person with historical facts
  • Friends that fit your profile and goals
  • Complete first person responses to two mandatory forum topics (What is your goal? and The Major Events)
  • Compete first person responses to two of the many other forum topics – your choice
  • A complete response to the comment left for me by Martin Luther King Jr.
  • interaction with others on the Civil Rights Facebook by responding to comments, creating and/or joining groups, etc
  • A lot of historical voice!